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Gastronomie was a very detailed and meticulous build out that was hand crafted with a lot of millwork as focal points of the project. We had worked closely with a designer and the architect which worked around the clock in order to get the client in on time as the TurnStyle development was looking to open its door to the public.

We came in on time with our construction, lighting, and carpentry being 30% under budget, which left us with a very happy customer.


YKS was one of the more enjoyable projects that we have ever been a part of. The owner had a unique vision and wanted it to be lively with a welcoming and warm feel when entering his Sushi Bar. He was creative in his design, as he used plumbing pipes (painted black for support of his tables and birch tables as his counter. We helped him save money with his creative ideas and finished the project 4 days in advance.


Spectre & Co's first retail location was a huge success. Working closely with the CEO was important to us so that we can enact their dream store which they had envisioned for so long. We're glad we were able to make that dream a reality for them!

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