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Heywear - a company that provides eyewear and eyecare at high quality in a way that is convenient and affordable.
The space had to serve as a retail store and as a research lab where every item could be rearranged to improve the quality of customer service. The solution is complete mobility and modularity, thanks to which the space could be radically changed within an hour. Every time a new layout provides a possibility of a completely new experience and helps to understand and improve the process of working with a client.
Any detail: free standing displays, drapery or wall displays with mirrors can be interchangeable. Velvet drapery being in fact partitions, makes it possible to create zoning and visually separate key areas: reception area, showroom, fitting area, exam rooms and staff lounge. For a short time, these zones can find a new place.
The number of shelves and mirrors on wall displays can be drastically reduced or increased in the shortest possible time. The company is unique in its kind, as well as the interior which mostly includes custom designed elements and reflects priorities of the brand.
Color palette in the interior is based on colors of the brand: accents in the white floor and walls environment. The concept of the interior is tied to direction of the brand: same as high quality eyewear should be affordable for everyone, the interior should embody conciseness, comprehensibility, openness and professionalism.

Heywear Lab: Welcome
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