Tamara Mellon

"Tamara Mellon is a next generation luxury footwear brand based in Los Angeles. Having co-founded Jimmy Choo, and starting her namesake brand in October 2016, Tamara has been around the block more than once (in killer heels). She knows what women need, and what they want. These shoes are for leaning in, climbing ladders, and shattering glass ceilings. Forget footwear priced 6x what it costs to make. Tamara forged relationships with family-run factories in Italy that have made the best quality luxury shoes for decades. And they won’t strain your body or your bank account. No caveats or markups— just time-honored craftsmanship at direct-to-women prices. We design shoes, but we care more about the women wearing them."



350 7th Ave 
NY, NY 10001